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I love writing. I am disabled (not physically; I love DDR >_<), and I stay at home, so I'm usually online. If I'm "away" or "busy, " that's a blatant lie XD

I consider it a big compliment to receive a request. If you want a story, pop on over to my website at and let me hear about it! I've set up a whole section for requests. I may turn you down, but then again, maybe not! If I like the content, chances are, I'll write it! Read my stories to get an idea of what I like to write about.

Goodness knows, I have the spare time.

Also, rate my stories >_< I prefer an honest rating to no rating. If you think my story is anything less then five stars, RATE IT! ^_^
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Latest Journal posted 14 Sep 2012

Well, I'm still here! Sorry again for not doing any writing... I guess I just haven't had an idea, and all I can think of is the same ideas I've already done. I'd rather wait until something original bubbles up, than sink into a formula of "guy rapes kits/gets away with it and more".

I've actually been working still on the game here. Nipio's Adventure, previously known as the working title "furQuest", is getting pretty polished now. Still not really play-worthy, but I'll be sure to keep working on it until it's the best free game you'll play!

I'm embedding YouTube videos of just gameplay in the raw, as it is. If that doesn't work, I'll have to edit in the links.

Edit: And, here they are. Part 1/2 Part 2/2

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Yure16 3 months ago
Where are you?
rainChu 3 months ago
I've been sleeping at weird times, chu o.o I've been missing you on Skype, have you been logging in? Log in soon :3
Yure16 3 months ago
I have been indeed. Also, I plan on moving from Ubuntu to Linux Mint Debian Edition.
Yure16 2 years ago
*purrs sadly*
rainChu 2 years ago
Daww~ We should be friends~ I've been to shy to PM you about these things... Do you have an IM client? I'd love to add you and to get to know you more =3
Yure16 2 years ago
Yussy... for MSN for GTalk
Doing happy themes is harder than I thought... Keeping Kirby in mind, I'll make the two tracks, but one of them will come out as chiptune.
OSTIC Predator 2 years ago
Hey it's okay I think you're drawings are AWESOMME! :D
rainChu 2 years ago
^_^ Thanks, and not just drawings, that's an actual screenshot. Not a mock up :3 I'll hopefully have a playable demo ready for everyone in a few months ^^
mugman 3 years ago
hmm another pokemon place *sweeps in* clean ish oh well *hoovers weeps and dust then empty's the bin and sweeps away*
rainChu 3 years ago
Stamp on the ground~
Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump~
Moving all around...
Dan nao na nao!
mugman 3 years ago
duo duo duo camp campverill
where sending out a invertion to every one in every nation! yep i'm an ital brothers fan i only liked them from a furry vid on under striaght flash
rainChu 3 years ago
Really? I've always liked Italo Brothers, they do songs for Bemani, so I hear them on DDR and IIDX (a DJ game that came out two decades before DJ Hero).

But I heard this particular song first at Is it the same flash you saw?
mugman 3 years ago
is it one (not going to click on link i'm like that sorry) with a dance machine and there are differant furry's from things but it has two add balls one being sportcas and the other being the person dog who went to raves?
rainChu 3 years ago
I think it might be. It's similar to what you said. Not all the characters in this one are furry. If it's different, it might be a remake.
mugman 3 years ago
mhm might be some are from sailmoon or something like that
Coldclaws 3 years ago
I'm watching you.
rainChu 3 years ago
Thanks :3 Always good to have more watchers! And Sneasels are cute XD
Avaganthemos 3 years ago
OMG Another Chu!!! *Glomp* Wanna be buddies :3
rainChu 3 years ago
Yay! Friends ^_^
rainChu 1 year ago
Around two years ago, this is how we met :/3 Time sure flies, chu <3
Gray Muzzle 3 years ago
Thanks for another fave!
Gray Muzzle 3 years ago
Thanks for ALL those faves.....
Gray Muzzle 3 years ago
Thanks for the fave on 'Kitties VIII'